A large number of tools are available in the market for performance monitoring and troubleshooting of Oracle Databases – with even more for monitoring operating systems – and yet none has provided a stand-alone comprehensive tool for DBAs to solve complex and demanding challenges quickly and easily.

Imagine a single product that understands how all the elements of the computer (hardware configuration, operating system, storage, and more) interact with an Oracle Database. Now imagine that this tool can not only detect performance problems, but can also explain exactly what’s wrong in each case, and recommend actions to effectively resolve them.


Shuriken is an intelligent Oracle performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool from Performance Ninjas Engineering. Shuriken assesses the multiple layers of modern computer environments, pinpoints the root causes of performance problems, and then goes on to apply rule-based recommendations for repairing, optimizing and enhancing your Oracle Database performance.

Shuriken functions as an agentless web-based performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool, for use with Oracle Databases. The embedded advisors allow DBAs to troubleshoot even the most challenging performance problems – making Shuriken both sophisticated and easy to use. The intellectual property embedded in Shuriken belongs to Maklee Engineering (, renowned for its expertise in Oracle and SQL performance optimization, and for its guarantee to double the performance of any Oracle workload in 5 days or the service is provided free of charge.

The Performance Ninjas vision is to make that Maklee knowledge accessible so that DBAs everywhere can deploy the same proven techniques in their database environment.

Quick and Easy:

Requires no more than 5 mouse clicks to resolve an issue. No need to track large numbers of views to get to the core of the problem.

Unique Activity Tracker:

See and understand exactly what the database was doing at any point of time.

Intelligent Response:

Provides recommendations using five unique advisors: Operating System advisor, Instance Parameter advisor, Wait Events advisor, SQL Tuning advisor, Index Rebuild advisor